Our Core Values


We take pride in our ethical approach to providing a quality work product in a professional manner while maintaining impartiality and confidentiality.


We strive to provide our clients with a quality/superior work product in a responsive (dependable) and timely manner.

Continuous Improvement

We are driven by a desire to continually develop our employees and mentor our employees with the goal of empowering them to embrace innovation and technology.


We foster an environment of mutual respect within our RYBD team and are driven by our approachability and our desire to understand the needs of both our employees and our clients. We make time to listen and cultivate relationships.

Community Involvement

Our team is committed to making a meaningful impact through our service and actions.

By The Numbers

# of Employees
Years Voted Best of Gwinnett
# of E-Files Per Year
Cups of Coffee Consumed During Tax Season

Our history


E. Dale Young becomes a partner.


Brian Black becomes a partner.


Royce Duncan becomes a partner.


RYBD moved from Decatur to Gwinnett County


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


Andrew Pourchier becomes a partner.


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


RYBD voted Best of Gwinnett


Robin Sansone and AnneMarie Scully become partners.


In 2012, we started our new law firm under circumstances that did not allow us the typical time to plan and start a business. Members of Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan (RYBD) met with us and helped us in setting up the various accounts we adopted for use in our billing system. (more…)

Dan McClure

We have used Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan as our CPA firm for over 15 years. They are more than just a CPA firm, they are a conscientious, knowledgable, and efficient group of professionals whose expertise has made running all aspects of our business a breeze!

Andrea Haupt

“In 1984 when I was in the process of incorporating a small manufacturers’ representative agency I had the good fortune to be introduced to the CPA firm of Rhodes & Young, and specifically to one of its associates, Royce Duncan.

Chuck Armstrong

“I have had the pleasure to work with Brian Black at Rhodes, Young, Black, and Duncan for 20 years encompassing 2 different dental practices, and working with them has without a doubt been one of the smoothest and easiest aspects of running my business.

Vic Koehler, DMD

“Carothers & Mitchell has worked with RYBD for over 15 years, and they have handled my personal returns during that time as well.  It is great working with a firm that knows your business, knows you, and works with you to accomplish your goals.

Richard Carothers

“I have been a client of Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan for most of the 60 years that I have been in business.This firm is like family to my operations, and we never make a decision concerning finances or tax matters without consulting their Senior Partner.

Warren Gilbert Sr.

“In June, 2009, I sold my sizable business to 5 different entities on installment plans. Knowing this would get complicated, I asked Andrew Pouchier, a Partner at Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan, if he would handle the accounting issues and manage the receivables of the installments. The job quickly became more. (more…)

Jimmy Kennedy

“We have used Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan as our CPA firm for over thirty years. They are more than just a CPA firm, and the tremendous level of professional service they have provided our company cannot be measured.

Cheryl Waters

Our mission

To combine knowledge, insight, integrity and commitment to deliver value to our clients, measuring our success by our ability to positively impact our clients’ financial results.

Core goals

Provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to each of our clients.

Strive to gain an understanding of our clients’ entire financial picture, and guide them in the direction that will best fit their needs.

Assist our clients in growing and running successful businesses.

Provide our clients with the necessary tools and training to help them positively impact their future.

Use our knowledge and expertise to become and remain the Trusted Advisor of Choice for our clients.

Our experience

Tax planning & Compliance - 58 years
Business Accounting & Audit - 57 years
Small Business Consulting & Bookkeeping - 57 years
Payroll - 11 years