“I have had the pleasure of working with Rhodes Young for almost 40 years, during good times as my companies were growing, and through bad times when the economy was hitting us pretty hard.

They have assisted with strategies to minimize tax impact with several mergers and acquisitions as well as helping us take advantage of tax incentives and credits that we would have otherwise been unaware of.

Whether it was helping set up new business accounting systems or helping to find the problem when our books just would not balance, they have always been responsive and amazingly patient with my staff, not only fixing the problems but also providing training so we could understand and improve our internal functions.

RYBD also handles my individual tax needs and personal financial planning, guiding me through the boggling maneuvers of maximizing my assets and minimizing my taxes. For the last few years my personal tax returns have been averaging 100 pages long, could have never prepared those returns without a good CPA. So pleased that I have these guys to help me get through the process!”